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Our group would like to thank all the people who supported us for this project.
We learned a lot of things with you guys, and we hope that you will help and support the future projects of ISKO.
this is Project ISKO, signing off!

Untapped Vacation Destinations

Guys! This is it! The summer's in HEAT..
At the end of the long and stressful semester, we would like to show you
some of the destinations you need to visit for you to unwind and revive the energy that were lost during the semester!

These are categorized according to specific interests:


Camsur Wakeboarding- Bicol
The Camsur Watersports Complex (cwc) is home to the best cable wake park in the world! Located in Pili, Philippines of the Camarines Sur province. Fly in to Naga Airport from Manila or Legaspi airport which is about a 75 minute drive to CWC. Here are some of cwc's highlights:
The best 6 tower Sesitec cable system with a large island in the middle for smooth water conditions.
Wakeboarding, Wakeskating, Kneeboarding and Skiing
Swimming Pool, Cabana Rentals, Game Room (pool, foosball, basketball, air hockey and bouncy house)
Full Restaurant and Bar featuring San Miguel Beer and a wide selection of entrees.
Bike/BMX Park, Skate Park
Check out nearby EcoVillage, Islands, Hotsprings and Shopping
A new boat lake is expected to be completed in 2008.
Cool Website with up-to-date information on CWC and Camsur


When you think of fine dining served with sumptuous seafood at a very affordable price then visit us at Bldg 2, Seaside Macapagal, Macapagal Blvd. Pasay City, they serve Dampa style dining wherein you may opt to buy the ingredients such as freshly caught fish, crabs, lobsters, meat etc. in the wet market located right beside the restaurant or you can ask our courteous staff to buy it for you at no extra fee.

NATURE LOVER (aka boyscout)

Camp Atilano - Zamboanga

The lost sheep of Camp Atilano with tents looking like tepees in the background. After a brief walk forward to the public swimming pool and serendipitously stumbled on a beautiful corner of the park: Jardin Maria Clara Lobregat. --Park Entrance Free: None (as in Free)How to get to Pasonanca Park:Commute: At city center (called Pueblo) board a jeepney with Pasonanca signboard



"SEXY GROOVES" Wednesday! @ CLUB MANHATTAN!#1 Anza St. corner Makati Avenue (beside Quick Stomach)Sophisticated groove house tunes with Up-Beat Entertainment DJ's!Alex Wong, Martin Javellana, JP Sacaben also with Jason EmralinoParty Starts @ 9PM!Party with us all night long!


Campbell's Beach Resort - Puerto Gallera

A very warm welcome to Campbell's Beach Resort! All rooms are ocean frontage with double beds, air conditioned, cable tv, and hot showers. Deluxe and penthouse rooms are equipped with refrigerators and safety boxes for your convenience. Restaurant serves authentic Thai food and international cuisine. Private transfers from Angeles and Manila arranged with ease scuba diving, adventure activities and tours can be arranged by our friendly staff.

At the end of the finals weeks and before the summer class begins,
make sure that you (UA&P students) should have spent your summer break with fun and enjoying activities together with your family, friends and your loved ones.

Posted by: Jundel Kirby Faraon
Cocreator: My Eugenio

Top 5 worst experiences in UA&P

When I told my cousin I wanted to study in UA&P, she immediately discouraged me. She told me that a friend of hers who she claimed was intelligent once studied in UA&P but got dismissed from the school for failing to reach the GWA. My cousin has done an excellent job in making me feel that her friend was far better than me by tactfully saying, “mas matalino yon sa ‘yo!” Anyway, I pushed for what I wanted, so I enrolled in UA&P despite my parents’ hesitations and my personal fears and insecurities.

My first semester in UA&P was nothing I expected. I bought an entire semester’s reading for a single subject (an APS subject) worth 550 pesos. I knew then at that moment, that I was about to take a plunge into an unknown abyss. Back in high school, I only read portions of EL Fili, Noli, Ibong Adarna and the likes. It was only here in this school that I first finished reading a required book which was This Earth of Mankind. Honestly, if I add up everything I have read from preschool to high school, it still wouldn’t match the amount of books, articles and other research materials I have read in UA&P for four years. So many things to read, so many papers to submit and so many exams to study for- with this, experiencing sleepless nights were inevitable.

These are just some of the things I went through but let me share my 5 worst experiences in UA&P.

5. The first time I cried for a subject.
- This wasn’t really a terrible story, but it was just so memorable. Anyway, the gist is this: I stayed up the whole night doing my part of the presentation for an APS subject. I slept for an hour. Then, little did I know that 2 of my group mates are going to cut class and the other one didn’t do her part. As a result, I must report everything by myself but I failed to do so because I didn’t know the parts and I’m so emotionally unstable then because I didn’t see that situation coming. I cried because I felt that if I hadn’t slept for an hour, I would have done something about the report.

4. GRR! Commute again!

- I commute everyday via public transportation. Most of the time I find it difficult because you never know when an FX with a plackard showing “Tikling Antipolo” or “Junction” is going to show up. It can be for just 5 minutes but it can also take 2 hours before one finally arrives. I normally rant about commuting for three reasons. One is when I need to go home to cram for a school requirement. Second, I simply hate waiting. Third, I have scoliosis and standing up for too long and carrying even just a shoulder bag and even worse when I’m carrying too much stuff, causes me to feel my spinal column stiffen and ache terribly (its like I’m being pierced by one hundred needles). Due to the unpredictable whether, there were many occasions when I bathe in the rain. Most of the time, I choose to just get wet and rush home rather than waiting for it to stop because time is of the essence. One of the worst experiences I had with commuting is when my meeting finished at one or two am and I can’t hitch with my classmates. So, I had to commute but the street was just empty. Hot tears fell from my eyes. I just can’t help but picture myself and the situation I’m in as those Maalaala Mo Kaya scenes. (pretty sentimental, huh? hehe)

3. Not having a laptop
- this is not too big of a problem because it’s not an end all and be all thing. But allow me to say this: my life would’ve been MUCH easier if I had one.

2. Losing a video clip
- We were doing a video presentation for Communication theory and I’m relying on this requirement to pass the subject. We hadn’t slept for days. Minutes before class time, we were all cramming and suddenly the bulk of the presentation got deleted or something. I can’t help but cry. It was such a worse feeling with all the stress, pressure and physical fatigue. And I remember, at that time, crying was physically painful, the tears caused a stingy sensation to my eyes probably because my eyes hadn’t rested for a long time.

1. Not waking up for Dr. K’s presentation
-Dr. K is a legend. I got home really late probably 4 or 5 am to work on our first presentation in Dr. K’s class. I set the alarm on my phone at 630 but failed to inform my mom to wake me up. Anyway, my tired body was probably just too comfortable sleeping on my bed that I didn’t hear nor felt my phone vibrate. When I woke up I saw the clock, it was 10 minutes to 9 and my class begins at 9. I was hysterical! I remember just seating on the floor and crying, I just can’t believe the mess that I was in. This experience was memorable but I never want this to happen again ever!

In know you guys have your worst moments in UA&P. What I cited were just some of the many not so fortunate experiences I had. But if you look at them from a different perspective, all those things I’m ranting about are not really that bad. I may complain about them at the exact moment those things were taking place, but now, as I look back, they were things that made my stay in UA&P precious, rewarding and unforgettable.

Peborit Titser

Teachers can make our lives difficult as they bombard us with exams, papers, presentations and even boring lectures. But they can also make going to their classes a fun filled learning experience for us. In my entire UA&P life, I have come to dislike and like several teachers. I bet you guys inevitably have also.

Since this semester’s end is fast approaching, although we hardly feel it now due to all the papers and exams we are currently focused on, I would like to thank all the UA&P teachers who made learning what it is- a diverse experience.

Now, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank a wonderful teacher, Miss Shirin Eugenio. She is a Marketing Management teacher. What I like about her is that she comes to class looking fashionable with her lovely clothes but of course this is such a petty reason to like her but is nevertheless a reason. She gives us well prepared lecture presentations and might I say my blockmates and I still use her PowerPoint as a guide. Through enjoyable activities like the one where she brought candies and chocolates and we got to eat some of it, we were able to fuse learning and laughter. With this, I knew that she has a passion for teaching and seeing this in her makes me appreciate how lucky I am to be in her class. But what I like about her the most is this: she never failed to flash a smile.

I will never forget how she told me never to think of myself so lowly. I can even remember her exact reply when I said, "I'm not that good." “Never think that, sweetie," she said to me as she transfers her power point to my usb. I don't know if she's just being polite but I I felt her sincerity in having said so. And although I never did become a great student or something close to that, what she did was a simple demonstration of kindness that I will always be grateful for. And somehow, I feel like I have the obligation to do well and make her proud. Maybe I'll fail but maybe I'll succeed, but in either case, her words will resonate in my ears.

So this is it. This is the story of my favorite teacher and my way of thanking her. I hope you guys also get and actually grab that chance to let your favorite teacher know you do. Who knows, maybe that simple act of telling him/her will create an impact so huge like, say, a freecut? Hehe. Just kidding.

UA&P Chorale

For those people who demand us to put more videos, here are some of the videos of UA&P Chorale.. we know that the finals week is coming up and we hope that your worries and stress will be put aside by viewing and listening to these videos. happy viewing!!!

Top 5 Memeorable things in UA&P

Before leaving the school, the graduates would like to reminisce the top 5 memorable things in UA&P that had made a mark in our life during our stay in the University. The following are sentimental to us, even during our first year. Some remind us of the good times, and some are just stuff that will surely be talked about once we have our reunion where they will be endless myths and legends about our university days.

1. Freecuts
- it may be the 15 minute failure of the teacher to appear in class or it may b
e the announcement on the white board or on a clean piece of bond paper that there is free cut. It may be the ever legendary milenyo typhoon or the declaration of a state of national emergency. Whatever the reason is, the magic word "freecut" just sparks a feeling of relief. Our batch (2009) has Gretchen Que (aka 'Greta') as the first to know about almost any updates in school. Yes, she's the one who announces any freecuts or no-classes news. After the announcements, you'll see students flocking at Starbucks , SM Megamall, Shang or Galle. If not in these places, you'll see the stading outside the campus waiting for a taxi, or at the ALB unloading area waiting for their fetch.

2. The Legendary Tents
- morning, lunchtime, dinner, midnight. Name any time and you'll surely see a UA&P student standing by the tents. Who'll ever forget the savory shawarma rice of Food Channel, the luscious pearls of Zagu and the never ending changing stores around the Big Apple area and b
eside Paotsin ( I can't even remember their names)? Haha! When the day came of its closing, the whole world of the UA&p students changed. The Caf became crowded during lunchtime, more 7/11s had to open and now, Jollibee and McDonald's will just be walks away from our school. Yup, these two fast food chains will be the new UA&P Caf. Too bad we graduates are leaving while the two just made their entrance. BITTER!

3. Juliet and her the never ending legends
- i guess you all know Juliet? She's the legendary icon around Escriva Drive who wears black clothes and speaks English to everybody and to nobody. Many theories had arisen around this curious person where until now, none of them are proven to be true. One of the theories I heard is that she was a former UP or UA&P teacher whose extensive and uncontrollable intelligence drove her like nuts. Another theory is that she is an undercover observer, observing the way of life of people and taking note of how people treat such outcast. Another theory is that she was left by her boyfriend at a young age. Whatever the theory may be, she will haunt the grounds of Ortigas and speaking words of wisdom...

4. The renowned CAS 301 will remain the university's most haunted classroom
- I guess you all know the famous stories of the opening door of CAS 301? Many eyewitnesses claim that it is not the wind. No. The door opens any time of the day and until now there is no explanation on the phenomena except for the ghost story. Anyway, the whole building is said to be swarmed by spirits, and so is ACB. As of now, all I know is that CAS 3rd & 5th floor, prom A, prom B, and ACB 3rd to up floors are the areas where there are sightings of spirits both by students an
d staff. Who would not know the famous elevator story and the delivery boy? So.... for those out there, think twice before entering the elevator alone. JOKE!

5. AND finally, UA&P's adorable one and only Queenie, the cat at
the caf
- thanks to the controversial and Schizophrenic Queenie, the irritable cat at caf now has a name. Queenie is that orange fur cat with white stripes and a twisted tale at the end. Believe me, you don't want to be near that cat. It has found enemies and fans. I don't know why she's always there. I guess she had become part of the UA&P family. Hopefully a bust or monument will be made of Queenie after she expires in her 9th life.

Fight for education

When I was in 3rd year, my parents found it really difficult to sustain my education in UA&P. Stopping for a sem or two is an option. I told my close friends in school about it and they had several advice. Marose Anatalio, who is a scholar, told me to try applying for scholarship. At that moment, the idea of myself, a mediocre student, applying for such is unthinkable. Little did I know that scholarship wasn't limited to the super intelligent and gifted students. There are different kinds. 

In UA&P there are two general scholarship categories. 

A. Merit scholarship - this is for the extremely bright UA&P college students who can maintain a certain average. Grants of such can vary. This means a merit scholar can have a 100% tuition fee grant or other arrangement depending on what was approved by the school. Interesting enough, some scholars (I think those who are in full scholarship) are even given monthly stipends.

B. Financial Aid -  this is for those who can't/ don't reach the required merit scholarship average grade but are in need of financial support. Of course there are other criteria that must be met. For instance, it has to be proven that the family's finances indicate that there is such a need for an aid. Academic competence and positive interview evaluation are also used as a gauge for approval. 

Anyway, for the nitty gritty details on how to apply for scholarship, you can just visit UA&P's website at 

The point of my article is this: scholarship is not limited to those who are intellectually gifted. For those in need of a support, go and fight for education! There are a lot of ways and applying for a scholarship is one of it. Goodluck!